We are proud to offer the revolutionary procedure of Teeth-in-an-Hour™ in Orlando, Florida, to provide instant implants for patients with a healthy jawbone. We start this course of treatment with a CAT scan to show the detailed structures of the patient’s jaw bone. This image can then be used with virtual reality software to plan the implant placement. Dr. Michael H. Connor can have the dental implants placed and the restoration (crown, bridge or denture) fixed in a single appointment. The advanced process involved with this dental technology is mainly done throughout the planning stage. This requires less of the patient’s time and results in minimal surgery time.

Developed by Nobel Biocare, this technical process requires the collaboration of both the restorative doctor and oral surgeon. This guarantees proper surgical techniques and that your restoration fits properly in your new smile. The restoration, or prosthesis, itself is created prior to the computer-guided surgery, saving even more time. Because the surgery is done in an arthroscopic (minimally invasive) fashion without requiring any flap reflection, there is less post-operative discomfort, and minimalized swelling and bruising for patients.

If you are interested in a more accurate implant placement treatment and less chair time, we encourage you to call us at 407-277-3300 to schedule a consultation at Orlando Periodontics & Implants with our periodontist, and to learn more about Teeth-in-an-Hour™.