Oral Health Concerns: Gum Disease Risk Factors

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Because gum disease is such a debilitating disease to your oral health, effective treatments will need to be employed to help save the integrity of your mouth. If gum disease is left untreated, it can destabilize your gums and lead to tooth loss. Along with spotting several signs and symptoms of gum disease, you can go even farther back and set up an effective risk prevention plan to ensure it doesn’t occur in the first place. By understanding the risks of gum disease, you can set forth treatment plants to prevent it.

Several unhealthy habits in your life can influence your risk of suffering from gum disease. If you are partaking in any unsafe habits including drugs or tobacco, you could be putting your smile at risk of several oral health problems, including gum disease and cancer. However, some underlying conditions in your body such as hormonal changes, genetics and diabetes can produce gum disease as well. Furthermore, medications you’re taking may produce dry mouth which is a known risk factor for gum disease

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