Oral hygiene techniques are a major factor to maintaining proper periodontal health. However, this disease usually begins in the hard-to-reach areas where brushing and flowing are not fully effective. We are pleased to offer further information on oral hygiene in Orlando, Florida.

Many patients must deal with sensitivity to hot and cold substances, especially after dental treatments. If the mouth is kept clean, this sensation should not last long; however, if the mouth is not kept clean, the sensitivity will remain and could become more severe. Consult with Dr. Michael H. Connor about this, and he may recommend a medicated toothpaste or mouth rinse.

Below, we have some suggestions for dental care products we have seen excellent results with:

  • High-tech toothbrushes like Rotadent and Interplak
  • Oral Irrigators
  • Interproximal toothbrushes
  • Fluoride and tartar control toothpastes
  • Anti-plaque rinses approved by the ADA

Please contact Orlando Periodontics & Implants for more information about oral hygiene, and to schedule your visit with our periodontist.