The healing stage of implant placement can vary greatly depending on the care necessary for each patient’s treatment. Implant placement involves only placing the implant post.  In order to achieve a natural-looking replacement tooth, patients need a restoration to top off their implant post. After your implant placement, we can add a temporary restoration, such as a bridge that acts as a  temporary transitional implant during healing. We may even place a temporary or permanent replacement tooth on, or shortly after, the day of your implant surgery.

At Orlando Periodontics & Implants we fully understand the concern that patients have for the potential pain after surgery. However, most patients do not experience severe or significant post-operative pain because of pain medications and antibiotics. Potential problems can result in the after-care with issues like an adjacent tooth becoming injured even with the most careful implantation, or the inferior alveolar nerve also becoming affected. Dr. Michael H. Connor and our team work to manage your care in the most appropriate way.

The success rate of long-lasting dental implants has been proven in many longitudinal (long term) studies. Until the implants are ready for their dental restoration, the restorative phase of your treatment will vary, but you will receive a reasonable estimate from us prior to the surgery. You can clean your implant-supported restorations similarly to natural teeth with brushing and flossing. Please call 407-277-3300 for more further details about how to care for your replacement teeth after you receive dental implants in Orlando, Florida. Our periodontist and team want you to have a successful and comfortable treatment.