Our team is dedicated to preventing gum disease in Orlando, Florida, with the latest knowledge and treatment techniques. The best protection against periodontal disease starts with daily brushing and flossing, and regular dental cleanings and exams. Please review our Oral Hygiene page for more information on proper techniques and products. It is possible, even with the most advanced oral hygiene techniques, to still develop a form of periodontal disease. Once this happens, professional intervention at Orlando Periodontics & Implants is necessary to avoid further decay.

Tobacco usage, stress, clenching and grinding teeth, some medications, and poor nutrition may also negatively affect the health of your gums. There have been connections proven between the likeliness of periodontal disease accompanying tobacco use. Cases of periodontal disease are more severe in smokers and tobacco-users than those who do not use tobacco. In addition to prohibiting proper restoration of the gums, tobacco smokers are prone to heavier calculus formation on their teeth, deeper pockets between gums and teeth, and a greater loss of the bone and fibers that hold teeth in your mouth. In general, your chance of developing oral cancer increases with the use of smokeless tobacco.

Please contact our office for a consultation with our periodontist, Dr. Michael H. Connor, and to learn more about preventing gum disease!