When you visit Orlando Periodontics & Implants for periodontics in Orlando, Florida, we want you to be informed and comfortable about our recommended treatment plans. Depending on your situation, Dr. Michael H. Connor will recommend specific treatments to care for your smile. However, having a general understanding of what you can expect during your visit with our periodontist can help you feel more at-ease about coming to our office. We invite you to read through some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. For additional information, please contact our office; we are always happy to help.

Will surgery hurt?

Our professional team will be as gentle as possible. Our periodontal exams are virtually painless, and you will be provided with any necessary sedation to bring forth maximum comfort.

Why do I need X-rays?

To guarantee the most accurate and suitable diagnosis, our team requires a full mouth radiograph to produce a current periodontal X-ray. This is comprised of 18 individual radiographs and can be completed in one visit to Orlando Periodontics & Implants.

Do all your patients need surgery?

It is not necessary for every patient to have periodontal surgery. Gum disease can be maintained through methods not including surgery, if treated early enough!

Do I see my general dentist again?

Your general dentists and our office will work together closely to assure conservative and effective treatments. Be aware that regular visits to your dentist are a vital aspect of periodontal care.

When should I see a Periodontist?

If you are experiencing unexplained bleeding, ongoing haliotosis (bad breath), loose teeth, or gum recession, we highly recommend you organize an appointment with our office. A consultation at our office is most often recommended by your general dentist if they see signs of periodontal disease during a checkup appointment.

Do I really need gum treatment?

Periodontal disease is an accelerating and painless infection, which is why prolonging treatment can result in further bone loss and expense.