Orlando Periodontic Treatment Focus Plan: Gum Disease

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Are you familiar with the common indications and signs of periodontal disease? Periodontal disease, also more commonly known as gum disease, is a severe but debilitating disease that infects your gum tissue and can lead to problems and issues within your mouth including infections and permanent tooth loss. To help protect your smile against gum disease, look for the following symptoms:

– If you suffer from bad breath, and signs of the oral health disorder continue to reappear, you may be suffering from gum disease.
– Stay away from poor oral hygiene habits that can easily increase your risk for gum disease. This includes smoking, chewing tobacco, and using drugs.
– Various symptoms in medications and foods can increase your risk for gum disease, including the side effect of dry mouth.
– Loose teeth are often present with gum disease. Monitor your smile by gently pulling on teeth to check if they are loose.
– Gums that are excessively red, bleed heavily, bleed frequently, or are swollen and bruised may be damaged due to gum disease.
– A frequent sign of gum disease is the recession of gums away from teeth. If your teeth appear longer, or if your gums appear to be pulling back from your teeth, this may be a sign of gum disease.
– Poor oral hygiene routines and neglected oral health care habits including brushing and flossing daily will raise your risk for an assortment of oral health care disorders, including gum disease. Keep your mouth safe by practicing daily oral health care routines.

Do you think you’re suffering from gum disease? If so our team at Orlando Periodontics & Implants can help you. If you would like to schedule an oral exam with Dr. Michael H. Connor and our team at our dentist office in Orlando, Florida, please call us at 407-277-3300. Don’t let gum disease destroy your smile. Visit us soon!