Super Smile Treatments: Periodontics

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Caring for your smile includes always making sure you are caring for your teeth as well as your gums. Periodontics is a specialty branch of dentistry that focuses on the gum tissue and supporting structures around your teeth. If for any reason you have suffered gum tissue damage, a periodontal treatment may be required to fix the ailment.

Periodontists have received additional training beyond dental school in order for them to effectively perform several services needed for gum tissue treatment. This even includes bone tissue reversal, root surface debridement and root service cleaning. If for any reason you have any issues associated with your gums, visit your periodontist for treatments.

Periodontists are able to treat all stages of gum disease, including gingivitis. They’re even trained to help install and repair dental implants as needed. If for any reason you have a lost or missing tooth, visit your periodontist for a dental implant examination.

Due to the numerous symptoms associated with gum disease, it is always important to inspect your smile to determine if any symptoms are present. This can include issues with loose teeth, swelling, bad breath, bleeding gums and gum recession.

There has never been a better time to receive periodontal care in Orlando, Florida. You are welcome to schedule an appointment at Orlando Periodontics & Implants by calling us at 407-277-3300. Dr. Michael H. Connor looks forward to enhancing your smile with periodontics.